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We Keep Your Monuments Well Maintained

A monument is an everlasting tribute to a life that’s worth remembering. It’s a way to celebrate someone’s life and protect his or her memory for generations to come.  Keep the monument of your loved one well maintained with our lettering, cleaning, and repair services. Whether the monument has been made by us or someone else, our team can help you keep it clean and beautiful.

cleaning and lettering services

Comprehensive Lettering And Cleaning Services

  • Monument lettering
  • Monument and memorial cleaning
  • Monument resealing
  • Adding the final date to existing memorials
  • Memorial maintenance
  • Stone leveling and resetting of sinking stones
  • New foundations

Personalized Monuments

Contact Jessee Monuments in Prineville, OR today to discuss your monument cleaning, lettering, and repair needs. No matter what state your monument is in, our experienced staff will make sure to do a great job.

You can rely on our team to personalize granite memorials, urns, war memorials, and other commemorative items. We also have ceramic portraits for your new and existing memorials.

cleaning and lettering services

Get in touch with us today for well-maintained personalized monuments.

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Payment Methods

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